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My name is Sondra Haltom and I care about voting rights. A lot. Like to the point where it might be considered an addiction. The first step was admitting I have a problem. Instead of doing something to cure this addiction, I chose to dive right in. For the past 7 years I have worked at the Texas Democratic Party in various capacities, most recently as the Director of the Voter Empowerment Project. I have worked on many campaigns in multiple states, always managing to find a way to involve myself in the voter protection aspect of the campaign (or often creating one). I have been dealing with voter protection issues in Texas for 14 years. I was trained by the best of the best and because this is an addiction, I constantly crave to learn more.

Point being, when it comes to voting in Texas, I know stuff. A lot of stuff. And I like to share the stuff I know with others so that more people know stuff. I chose the word "empower" for this endeavor because I believe that if people have the information and opportunity they need to participate in our democracy, they will. If voters have knowledge of how the voting process works, they can stand up for themselves when anyone tries to take their right to vote away.

My hope is that this new entity, Empower The Vote Texas, can provide Texans with the information they need to exert and protect their voting rights. Please visit this site often as new resources and information will be added frequently. Sign up for email updates, follow on Twitter, and Like on Facebook. Knowledge is power. Be Empowered!


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